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No More Hardware Dongles for QuarkXPress in Asia

Quark announces an end to hardware keys for QuarkXPress
Change begins with version 6.5

DENVER – December 15, 2004 – Quark today announced a new policy that enables the distribution of QuarkXPress software without hardware key requirements in Asia. The change is part of an assertive initiative by Quark to provide a better customer experience with a more open and friendly Quark.

“In addition to all the customer-outreach initiatives happening thus year, it was time to act. We wanted to remove the hardware key hurdle and reduce our customer’s total cost of ownership,” said Monique Wirz Grutter. “Our customers are our future. Removing the hardware key gives them a solid display of our commitment to them and helps them reap greater rewards from partnering with Quark.”

The change to keyless software means less hassle and timely software releases worldwide for QuarkXPress 6.5. Customers will no longer have the added concern of losing productivity because of a damaged or lost hardware key. And, customers in Asia will now be on equal footing with those in North American and Europe when it comes to software release schedules and upgrade cycles for Quark products.

The following countries are affected by the policy change:
Cambodia       Indonesia       Mauritius       Taiwan
China          Korea           Myanmar         Thailand
Hong Kong      Laos            Philippines     Vietnam
India          Malaysia        Singapore

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