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DynaComware delivers the full HKSCS Hong Kong glyph to ITSD

Jan 2003
DynaComware Hong Kong Limited delivers the full Hong Kong Supplementary Characters Set (HKSCS) Hong Kong Glyph to ITSD. The font is available for download in Hong Kong SAR Government website. DynaComware provides services for the redesign, development and delivery of a TrueType font extension (Big-5 version) of 4,818 HKSCS-2001 characters and the 106 characters of the compatibility points of the HKSCS-2001 in Song style (print style). The Font comply with the requirements in “Guidelines on the Song Style (Print Style) Character Glyphs for Chinese Computer Systems in Hong Kong” announced by the Government.
DynaComware is experienced in developing Chinese font supporting Hong Kong Style. Dated back to 1997, DynaComware made the first Traditional Chinese font supporting Hong Kong Glyph, which is called Hong Kong Standard Kai Chu and is the only product available in the market.Moreover, DynaComware is the font vendor that produces the first Song font according to the The Reference Guide of the Print Style (Song style) Character Glyphs for Chinese Computer Systems in Hong Kong. The production time from inception to the delivery lasted for two years. Moreover, the Song font is verified by specialists in Hong Kong Polytechnic University confirming that the font compliant to the guideline. There is a website maintained to provide information and software download to the public at www.iso10646hk.net.
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