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Beijing Bitmap Fonts Seminar

DynaComware Group is inviting Bitmap Fonts OEM partners to attend the coming Simplified Chinese Bitmap Fonts Seminar to be held at Beijing on October 16th, 2003.

The Seminar is organized by the China National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee (CNITSTC), the official appointed organization for the execution and promotion of the national and industrial standards of Chinese characters in China. As the overseas consultant of CNITSTC, DynaComware Shanghai and her overseas branches are working closely with our local partners to invite overseas electronic manufacturers and related developers to share our experience in this seminar. If you are making or designing electronic equipment to be selling in China, you should attend this seminar to understand how you could legally acquire the official bitmap fonts from the China Government. CNITSTC will explain to you, in details, the existing standardization governing laws and various national/industrial standards of Simplified Chinese character bitmap fonts to be installed in electronic devices such as cellular phone sets; PDAs; Operating Systems… etc.

In order to provide a further opportunity to having an un-official face-to-face communications with the personnel of CNITSTC, you could also optionally join our one-day “after-seminar” gathering at Jiu Hua Hot Spring ( www.jiuhua.com.cn ) on October 17th (Friday). There, you could exchange your requirement or experience with other attendees, the staff of CNITSTC and our DynaComware Representatives.
DynaComware is one of the largest Asian Fonts Manufacturers in the world. We have dominant market shares in Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Besides our Asian Fonts retail packs, we also sub-license our fonts for various OEM partners including Microsoft, Apple, Palm, Canon, Sony, NEC, Sharp, Sewon, TCL… etc. We have direct sales offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei.

Topic: Data Encoding of Chinese Information Technology and National Standards of Chinese Characters

Organizer: China National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee

Overseas Co-organizer: DynaComware Shanghai and her overseas branches


1.To promote the usage of the National and Industrial Standards of Chinese characters, encoding and bitmap fonts in the products of Chinese Information Technology.
2.To encourage domestic and overseas manufacturers to sell their product in China with compilation to these standards.

Date: October 16th, 2003 (Thursday)

Time: 9:30 – 16:30 pm

Venue: Jiuhua SPA & Resort, Beijing

Working Language(s): Mandarin and English
Part of the presentation materials will be translated into Japanese and Korean languages.

Target Attendees: Overseas software and hardware information technology manufacturers and related service suppliers who will export their end product to China.

Attendance fee: Each organization should pay USD2,000.00 for the conference with a maximum of three delegates from each organization.

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