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About DynaComware

Since its beginnings in 1987, DynaLab Inc. has become the leading font developer in the CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) market. As early as the mid 90's, DynaFonts had already been chosen by Microsoft and Apple to be the system fonts in their respective Chinese operating systems. Millions of retail DynaFont boxes have already been shipped to the Asian market, including Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, making DynaFont the undisputable market share leader. High-quality DynaFonts are now widely used in document processing and professional publishing in many large corporations and by personal users.
To better serve our customers, we changed our name to DynaComware after the consolidation of our group of companies in August, 2001.
As a major vendor for Asian fonts DynaComware, while attempting to provide "better communication for the world," has tackled the technical issues of font development specifically for the Asian region. By utilizing original stroke base techniques, DynaComware provides high-definition screen and printer fonts. The DynaFont series has expanded the quantity of available fonts while preserving the font quality. Because of this, the DynaFont series has captured more than 50% of the Windows font market in Japan alone.
The working environment has been further diversified by the growth in the DTP industry as well as an increase in the use of the Internet. At DynaComware, the main focus of development was for the Font and E-Document products. Taking advantage of the knowledge gained by this development allowed DynaComware to joining of these two technologies with ease.
Information Technology in conjunction with font and E-document technology will allow Asian communities to freely communicate in the computer age. This technology will open new opportunities in the Asian marketplace; markets which were once considered only European and American mainstream. However, the Internet, which can influence millions of households every year, has a great communication obstacle. This obstacle is the differences in foreign languages utilized on the Internet. Because of this, DynaComware did extensive research and development to find a portable documentation solution. The conclusion came in the result of a product called DynaDoc; a portable document package that supports multiple languages.
DynaComware achieved its goal of providing a global communication solution to the Internet world. Our solution can help you move into the 21st century by breaking the barriers of platform and language dependency.
Two enterprises supporting DynaComware
Font enterprise
Throughout many parts of Asia, written characters are similar in nature. In Japan, China and South Korea for example, these similarities are very apparent. The reason for this is that the original stroke based writing techniques originated in China, then expanded throughout Asia. DynaComware was able to reproduce this original stroke base technique electronically with their DynaFont product. This high-definition and colorful font solution can assist users in accomplishing their various needs. It has supported users working on: multimedia, presentations, graphics, advertisement, and other fields where fonts are utilized. When utilizing this software, what-you-see-is-what-you-get when viewing it on the screen or printing it to the printer.
DynaFont has also produced a unique solution called the Gaiji Museum Series. This solution allows a font to be generated and saved on a server. Once this is done, the server can provide fonts for many users. This will save time for administration of systems, provide consistency in distribution, and provide a networked library of fonts for all users requiring the fonts.
E-Document enterprise
At present, one of the greatest hurdles is the difference in the languages used on Internet. As many know, foreign documents cannot be viewed on a computer unless it is properly reconfigured for that particular foreign language. Even once properly configured, should another language be utilized, the system will again need to be reconfigured. DynaComware researched these problems and how to work around them. Because of this research, development on an E-Document solution that would provide customers with portability and multiple language support began. The result was DynaDoc, a solution that supports multiple platforms and multiple languages. DynaDoc was developed to provide E-document transfers without the need to reconfigure your system. It provides this functionality while preserving the documents original look and feel. With DynaDoc, you can easily email an E-document to another person and be assured that the recipients will view the documents as you are viewing.
The base of technology
  1. Font Development. The development, sale and maintenance of Asian font related products. The fonts are in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.
  2. Development and sale of a font server. In this solution, a font can be rapidly developed, deployed and supported on a server to allow multiple clients immediate access to new fonts.
  3. TV Fonts. The licensing and sales of television screen fonts for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.
  4. The development, sale and support of a document writer and reader that is portable across multiple platforms and multiple languages.
  5. The development, sale and support of an electronic salary system. The salary system can provide details of employee's salary history and assist with creating a paperless environment. Monthly salary statements or detailed salary reports can then be emailed to the employ.
  6. Electronic Post Office reduces the overall costs of printing, shipping and sorting documents for post offices. Once the media is distributed, it can be processed for printing and sorting to reduce shipping and postage costs.
  7. Document conversion. This solution converts physical documents into electronic form yet maintaining the look-and-feel of the original document. The document is then indexed and categorized to allow a user to search for keywords within the document.
DynaComware Worldwide

Hong Kong Branch
DynaComware Hong Kong Limited
Room 1203, 12th Floor, Jubilee Centre
18 Fenwick Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2866-3560
Fax: (852) 2865-3308
Beijing Branch
1007 Tower A, Beijing Global Trade Center
No.36 North third Ring Road East,
Dongcheng District, Beijing, China (100013)
TEL: (8610) 5825-7686 (8610) 5825-7276
FAX: (8610) 5825-6665

Shanghai Branch
DynaComware Shanghai Limited
B801 Hi-Tech King World,
666 Beijing East Road,
Shanghai 200001, China
Tel: (8621) 5308-3121
Fax: (8621) 5308-4645
Taipei Branch
DynaComware Taiwan Inc.
5F, No. 3-1, Park Street, Nankang.
Taipei, Taiwan 115
Tel: (886-2) 2655-7558
Fax: (886-2) 2655-7559

Tokyo Branch
DynaComware Corporation
8th Floor, Inaokakudan Bldg., 2-38 Kandajinboucho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051, JAPAN
TEL:03-3556-6591 FAX: 03-3556-6593

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