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OpenType Fonts 161 - Product Series

(1) OpenType 161 ProVersion

OpenType  is outline font and is scalable and its specification is co-developed by Microsoft and Adobe。The structure of OpenType is the same for both MAC version and PC version to facilitate document exchange across platforms. Each OpenType has single file and easy to install and could correspond to the back-end PostScript font for output.

Note:This version is not PDF-embeddable while OpenType 161 E-Pub version is PDF-embeddable.

(2) OpenType 161 E-Pub Version

This version is specially for publishing industry participants as the embedded PDF file has the legal license right for production in Web Publishing、e-Book Publishing 、CD-Rom Publishing and for film and CTP output.

(3) CID PostScript Output

CID PostScript is the high-end output font format developed by Adobe. It works seamlessly with latest output machines for smooth and high quality output。CID PostScript has the High-Res and Low-Res version. High-Res is used in   ImageSetter and  CTP system (without limitation in resolution).Low-Res version is used for ink-jet or laser printing machines( below 1200dpi & 60ppm ).

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